In addition to our consulting and technology services, we offer ground and aerial videography and photography services. Whether it be for content creation, aerial survey, real estate listings, marketing campaigns, or product photos, we offer flexible platforms to get the shot you want. Our drone pilots are FAA Part 107 sUAS certified, and will work with you to get the perfect shot. All our equipment is 4K HDR capable.

All-in on Mirrorless

On the ground, we rely on the Sony Alpha series of mirrorless cameras for stills and video. The mainstay of our production efforts is the α7S III, which captures 4K HDR video at up to 120 frames per second, and has the best low-light performance around. Our camera grab bag also contains the new α7R V, which delivers breathtakingly sharp 61 megapixel photos and 8K HDR video. We also maintain an array of Sony’s top-tier G Master lenses, and can shoot anything from macro to interviews to airplanes in the sky.

In addition to our camera, we also keep an inventory of related equipment to complete the picture, such as wireless and shotgun microphones, professional audio recorders, fluid-head tripods, and LED light panels.


When capturing high-resolution 4K footage, especially from multiple cameras, it takes a machine with a lot of horsepower to ingest, edit, and render the project. We have two such workstations, attached to professionally-calibrated 4K displays for true-to-life editing, along with plenty of high-speed solid-state storage and studio audio equipment for sound mastering. Both workstations run the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite, including the latest versions of Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, Audition, After Effects, and Sony Catalyst.

Eye in the Sky

Whether as a stand-in for a rolling camera cart, or for a totally different perspective, we believe a drone is an essential part of the video equipment arsenal. We fly a carbon-fiber hexacopter with retractable landing gear and a full 360 degree gimbal, ensuring the large-sensor 4K camera mounted underneath always has an unobstructed view. This platform can achieve speeds of 45 miles per hour, and carries both ultrasonic sensors and Intel RealSense cameras for collision-avoidance. While it can be flown by a single operator in a pinch, most of our drone shoots are a team effort; separating the pilot and gimbal operator duties both enhances safety and ensures we’ll get the perfect shot.


We stock a fleet of action cameras such as the GoPro Hero Black and Hero Session, which give us the ultimate flexibility in getting the shot we need no matter the space or conditions. While their robust and waterproof design let us capture the usual portfolio of action shots, a variety of mounting hardware allows us to use them as set-and-forget image capturing devices for both creative and technical applications. Whether they’re mounted on a plane or boat for the drama, or industrial equipment for engineering review, these tiny cameras seriously carry their weight.

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