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Systems administrators and executives agree: if you have any kind of infrastructure, you need to keep an eye on it–ideally without actually having to keep an eye on it. Monitoring the systems and equipment that your business uses daily helps avoid downtime in the first place, and minimize time-to-resolution when it does occur. The best monitoring platforms do their job silently, without requiring active involvement or constant attention from technical staff, until something actually needs to be addressed. PRTG Network Monitor is far and away our preferred tool for the job.

All licenses purchased here include expert support from Dreadnought: the first, and currently only, US company to earn the Certified Implementation Engineer badge from Paessler. Whether you need help planning your deployment, want advice on achieving complicated monitoring goals, or just want to keep us in your back pocket in case you get stuck, we’re here to help. 500, 1000, and 2500 sensor licenses are entitled to one free hour, 5000 and XL1 get two, and additional blocks of hours can be purchased either with the license or a la carte. Implementation services are subject to the terms and conditions in the agreement linked on that product page.

Paessler recommends planning for an average of 10 sensors per monitored device, and we’ve found that rule of thumb to be quite accurate in large deployments. Licenses are available for 500, 1000, 2500, or 5000 sensors, or “XL1” (as many sensors as your server can keep up with) sensors. Each license entitles you to one primary and one failover server installation. While it’s more cost-effective to purchase the correct size initially, you can always upgrade to a higher sensor count if needed.

These licenses are perpetual–you own the software forever. Maintenance entitles you to updates and Paessler support; 1 year is included in all licenses but up to 5 years can be purchased at a time. We also handle maintenance renewals, even for licenses purchased elsewhere.

Free trial

To download a free 30-day 500-sensor trial (which is also a free perpetual 100-sensor license), click here.

What’s the difference between PRTG Network Monitor and PRTG Enterprise Monitor?

PRTG Network Monitor licenses entitle you to a single core installation plus one failover core for life, plus updates and support for a specified period (or with ongoing maintenance purchases), with a hard limit on the number of simultaneously active sensors. These licenses start at 500 sensors and scale up to 5,000 or even unlimited (constrained only by the hardware it’s running on) sensors.

PRTG Enterprise Monitor licenses are designed for large environments. They start at 20,000 sensors, and entitle you to an unlimited number of installations, allowing for much greater distribution and redundancy. Enterprise also comes with the addition of the ITOps Board, providing a single-pane-of-glass overview of the entire environment across multiple cores. Unlike PRTG Network Monitor, these are not perpetual licenses, but as a result both support and updates are included for the full subscription duration.

Looking for something else?

We also handle license upgrades, renewals, or PRTG Enterprise Monitor. For anything else, click here to request a quote.

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