Full speed ahead

Founded in 2017 to fill the gap between cookie-cutter one-size-doesn’t-fit-all solution providers and inflexible legacy technology companies, Dreadnought is a team of specialists capable of identifying and meeting any technology need. The team is united by a desire to better address the pervasive and insidious technical problems so many businesses suffer from.

Technology Services

Technical knowledge and expertise at the ready to solve your immediate technology issues. We offer hardware and software support and troubleshooting, system maintenance, infrastructure support, and a diverse array of other services. Whether we’re tackling problems other companies said were impossible or lack the expertise to address, or just providing the same end-result on a tighter schedule or budget; it’s business as usual at Dreadnought.

Business Optimization

Dreadnought specializes in eradicating technical debt by providing holistic, bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of each business. No more long nights at the office, manual spreadsheet manipulation, and duplicate data entry. We leverage our experience and our other product/service offerings to identify, provide, and deploy the most appropriate tools for businesses looking to turn technology into a strategic asset instead of a hindrance. Specialized software, clever business automation solutions, and process optimizations are powerful force multipliers that both scale with the company and reduce personnel and overhead costs, making this not only a productivity-enhancing service, but a value-add investment.

Software & Equipment

With a comprehensive list of partners and a vast catalog of equipment, we can connect you with the best hardware and software for your business. Whether you’re looking to outfit a new venture or overhaul legacy systems, we can guide and transact your investment into new technology systems of all kinds.

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