Rates and Fees

We understand the frustration of finding what seems to be the perfect company, product, or service, until you look for the price and only find a contact form that you know will result in a sales rep hounding you for months. That’s why our fee schedule and billing practices are completely transparent, and displayed here for all to see.

Rates and Fees

All rates hourly, rounded to the nearest tenth of an hour.

Consulting Services: $300 / hour

PRTG Implementation, Consulting, and Support: $300 / hour

Onsite Photo/Video Services: $200 / hour

Digital Media Processing: $150 / hour

Website Services: $150 / hour

Travel for Onsite Services: variable
An additional 1/2 hour per staff will be added for each site visit for clients within 25 miles.
For locations outside that radius, actual travel time applies.

Emergency Support/Maintenance Services: $450 / hour incl. travel time; 1 hour minimum
Sometimes we’re needed urgently and can’t meet our other commitments as a result. We try to avoid this fee, but if we have to reschedule something else to provide emergency assistance, it may be necessary.


We proudly stand behind our work. If something we set up stops working, or something we fixed doesn’t stay fixed, and we could or should have known better with the information available to us at the time, we’ll get it up and running again for free.


Invoices for services are usually sent on the last day of the month, or the first day of the following month, after services are rendered. Our normal payment terms mean these invoices are due on the last day of the month following the service.

Charges for other goods/services purchased through Dreadnought are due at the time of the order. For established clients, or after a credit check, we’ll combine those charges into the regular monthly invoice.

We’ll email our invoices to the address(es) you specify. We accept payment by check/money order, ACH, wire transfer, and Zelle, as well as PayPal and credit card (with a fee).

Please note that our invoice emails come from an address @dreadnought.co; we recommend whitelisting our domain to ensure delivery.

Some services, such as onsite videography, will incur a specialized equipment fee in line with industry standards.

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