Business Optimization

Tracking Down and Paying Off Technical Debt

Technology is driven by business needs, but all too often, cost or time pressures push it into the backseat. Without intervention, that debt compounds, until business growth is crippled by inefficient, obsolete infrastructure. Unmaintainable websites, slow and unreliable old equipment, disjointed Excel records, and misbehaving printers are only symptoms of a much greater, systemic problem. At first, it’s insidious, but by the time its impact is noticed, the scale of the issue can be overwhelming.

Dreadnought specializes in eradicating that technical debt, by evaluating needs in the context of the business as a whole. We start by analyzing and quantifying business operations to build the foundation upon which we design and implement solutions. Each business is unique, so we search for the best possible solution for each client, balancing budget and time constraints. After presenting our recommendations, we implement and integrate them into your business, providing training, maintenance, and ongoing support.

Our analysis, consolidation, and refinement of technology assets can also serve as a valuable step in preparing your business for sale or merger, or in exploring and evaluating a business for acquisition. A Technical Competency Evaluation is the first step of our business optimization service, offered a la carte as an objective evaluation of a business without any commitment to invest in optimization.

Every business is unique, and should be evaluated with a clean slate. Our business optimization services provide holistic, bespoke solutions tailored to the unique qualities of each business.

1. Evaluate

Every improvement project starts with a baseline. We want to start by hearing each issue from the perspective of those directly affected. Next, we conduct our own investigation to identify the core processes, bottlenecks, technology usage, and other performance limitations. Finally, we highlight the constraints of the current infrastructure and procedures, and triage our findings.

2. Recommend

When we determine a business will benefit from a change in workflow, we spell out exactly what we have in mind, and its impact. We make targeted recommendations to address our findings, being mindful of budget, and time constraints. Wherever practical, we will leverage existing assets more effectively in order to minimize cost and disruption.

3. Implement

Whether it be hardware, software, process changes, or any combination of the three, we make a point of mastering every solution before turning the key. We plan our deployments well in advance to ensure a smooth, painless transition. Our network of suppliers and manufacturers help us maintain tight schedules and favorable pricing for new equipment and software implementations.

4. Train

Change isn’t always easy. Before and after the deployment, we guide staff through the new processes, systems, and tools they’ll be using. Our team is well practiced in delivering unintimidating training, and fostering reception among groups of all sizes.

Industries Served

Manufacturing and Distribution

Having overhauled the inventory, production, and purchase order tracking for businesses of wildly varying sizes, we have ample experience improving operational efficiency for manufacturers and distributors. Our skillset encompasses fully integrated production tracking and scheduling, simple barcode scanners, and everything in between.


We’re very familiar with the regulatory landscape for medical practices. We’ve delivered solutions for clients that are both fully HIPAA compliant, and offer a significant increase in productivity and capabilities of a practice, including paperless office, modern communications, and easy-to-use software including EHR/EMR, EPCS, patient communication, and intake forms.

Legal and Professional Services

Much like the medical field, law firms and other professional services companies are bound by compliance, audit, and regulatory requirements. We have experience working within these constraints to develop solutions for those looking to organize, market, and expand their firms, including paperless office, modern communications, and seamless remote access.

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